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  • We aspire to be a company that not only manufactures and launches fireworks but one that also creates entertainment. Our mission is to provide exciting experiences for as many people as possible through fireworks. Nothing gives us greater motivation than bringing joy to our audiences.

    Some would say that fireworks are “art,” but at the core of our creative process is how the fireworks can be enjoyed by the audience. When it develops into an unforgettable experience, we believe that is when fireworks can be valued as “art” for the first time.

    It is not easy to be constantly creating new things. Just as there is no complete end to entertainment, there is no complete end to our challenges as well. We will strive to do our best so we can keep on providing dreams and excitement for many years to come.

    Please look forward to our further growth and evolution.

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    • Locations

      6 Miyabayashi, Uchiotomo, Daisen City, Akita
      Post code:014-0073
      345 Nakadamiyahigashi, Uchiotomo, Daisen City, Akita
      Post code:014-0073

    • Phone Number

      (+81) 0187-68-2625

    • Fax Number

      (+81) 0187-68-4193

    • Representative Director

      5th:Tadanobu Komatsu

    • Founded

      July 1885

    • Established

      October 1985 Incorporated
      January 2000 Reorganized into a joint-stock company

    • Capital

      10 million yen

    • Services

      Manufacture and sale of fireworks, pyrotechnic and special effects

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