"The art of momentary light"
projected in the night sky.
Sky Magic

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Traditional techniques handed down over time

We at KOMATSU FIREWORKS produce and distribute fireworks from Omagari known as the city of fireworks.
By combining traditional techniques that have been passed down over the years with the show production that utilizes the latest tools,
we create a new form of entertainment with light and sounds.

Our 3 Commitments

  • High Quality

    Since our establishment in 1885, we have been dealing with fireworks every day without compromise. From our experiences cultivated throughout the long history, we continue to pursue colors and shapes, including Warimono, a traditional work from ancient Japan. We work tirelessly to improve our technology in order to offer new surprises and thrill to our audiences at all times.

  • Quick Delivery

    Our products are loved by many customers, regardless of lot sizes. Through meticulous stock management in each manufacturing process, we are always ready to deliver in a short period of time and respond to our customers' needs.

  • Variety

    We offer a wide range of products. In addition to the existing lineup, we also design and manufacture original fireworks according to your needs. We will deliver an exciting show with new show productions that match each location.

History and Achievements

We have over 130 years of history since our establishment.
With the technology we have developed in Omagari, the city of fireworks, we offer you the best entertainment.

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Here are our past works.
Each season, we paint the night sky with various productions.

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About the company

Please see here for the message from the representative and information about our company.

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